Always Children First Child Protection Training

Good Child Protection  Training is important for all Childcare Service providers, staff and volunteers in both the Community and Voluntary sectors. 

It is imperative that good Childcare Practice is promoted at every level. To this end Longford County Childcare is offering Child Protection Training to  all Childcare Professionals in direct contact with children during 2015.

This will ensure everyone is alert to the possibility that the children with whom they are in contact may be suffering from abuse or neglect. This responsibility is everybody’s, it is the responsibility of all professionals  from the Owner Managers,  the Childcare room leaders,   and Childcare assistants to Volunteers who are working directly with children.

Good training will give people the confidence to develop good practice in line with legislation when confronted with abuse or neglect. Through this training professionals will be aware of the guiding principles when dealing with these sensitive and important issues.

Contact for further information and to be included on waiting list for 2016.

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