NOW CLOSED for applications.

Capital Grants 2021 

Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Capital Programme 2021
The Department of Children Equality Diversity Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 Capital programme.
Applications will be open from January 29th – February 19th 2021.  Applications cannot be submitted outside this application window. All applications must be submitted on the HIVE.
There is €8.3 million in funding available under this grant to support childcare services to become compliant with Fire Safety Regulations and Standards.
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Applications are open for amounts between €1000 and €10,000 to contribute to the costs of works or the purchase of equipment required by a service to receive a Fire Safety Certificate. This certificate is a mandatory requirement of the statutory regulation process undertaken by Tusla, the independent regulator of the sector.
To be eligible for funding, works must be identified as being required in a fire safety assessment report which has been completed since June 2019 by a competent person. The fire safety assessment must be provided with the application for funding.
The eligible competent persons are as follows: 
  • A Registered Architect
  • A Building surveyor
  • An Engineer.
If you do not have a Fire Safety Certificate and intend to apply for a grant under the 2021 Capital Programme, please ensure that you have obtained a fire safety assessment before the closing date of the application window or your application will not be eligible.
The fire safety assessment may be dated at any time after 1 June 2019 – although, if material works have been carried out in your service since the fire safety assessment was obtained, you will have to provide an updated assessment.
For further information on the programme rules and how to apply for this grant please read the Applicant Guidelines and the Technical Guidelines.

PIP notice (Pobal) 26/03/20

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) has decided to suspend applications for the 2020 capital programme, for now.  DCYA will keep this situation under review and will be back in touch when there is an update.

Capital Grants 2020

Early Learning and Care & School Age Capital 2020 Programmes Application window opens from 12pm today (28th February) to 3pm Friday 27th March 2020

Applications for funding can be made through the Programmes Implementation Platform (PIP).
The window will remain open up to Friday 27th March 2020 at 3pm.
Decisions are expected to be delivered in June 2020.
The available strands of funding are as follows:
 Strand A:  Increase places for 0-2 years and 8 months (max. €50,000 per grant).
 Strand B:  Maintenance grant for community Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare services (max. €1,200 per grant).
 Strand C:  Increase of school age places (max. €20,000 per grant).
Both Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare providers are invited to apply. 

Capital Grants 2019

Extra spaces and fire-safety priorities for Childcare Investment in 2019

Providers urged to prepare applications for €9m capital fund

Friday 28th December 2018 

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, TD is pleased to announce the priorities for 2019’s Early Learning and Care and School Age Capital programmes. The Minister has secured €9m for capital grants across 2019.

The budget for the Early Learning and Care and School Age Capital programmes has been set at €6.106m.

A further announcement with details of an additional €3m to be associated with the new Affordable Childcare Scheme will issue early in 2019.

The programmes will be open for applications from early learning and care and school age childcare services in February 2019.

Capital funding under the programmes will be delivered under the following three strands:

Strand A:  Creation of new places for 0-3 year olds – €4.231m (max. €50,000 per grant).
Strand B:  Fire Safety for community early learning and care services – €0.875m, (max. €15,000 per grant).
Strand C:  Creation of new school age places – €1m (max. €20,000 per grant).

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The focus of the funding in 2019 is to continue the expansion of early learning and care places for 0-3 year olds and school age childcare places where this is most needed.

Funding is also being made available to aid community/not-for-profit early learning and childcare services in addressing fire safety issues that have been highlighted in inspection reports.

Commenting on the launch of the Capital Fund, Minister Zappone said: – 

“2019 is going to be one of the most significant years in our efforts to transform one of the most expensive childcare services in the world into the best. The final groundwork is now being put in place ahead of the launch of the Affordable Childcare Scheme next October.

Across the year I am delighted to have secured more than €9 million in Capital Funding for early learning and care and school age services. Now I can confirm a first round of investment totalling €6.106m.  We will start this funding process early in the year to give more time for applications and implementation. More children than ever in the history of the state are accessing government funded subsidies for early learning and care and I am mindful of the pressures and opportunities that this can create for the sector. 

In the recent Pobal Annual Sector Profile, almost a quarter of all services indicated their intention to expand in the next 12-months, creating over 15,000 additional spaces for children nationwide. The Government is ready to assist in creating additional capacity at a time of rapid expansion and transformation.

Since 2015 Government investment in childcare is up 117%. Now it is time to take the next big leap as we prepare for the Affordable Childcare Scheme to become a reality which will benefit children, parents and providers for generations to come.”

Further information on the application process, including detailed application guidelines, will be made available to services in January 2019. 

Childcare providers are encouraged to contact their local City/County Childcare Committee to answer any questions they may have.

Capital Grants 2018 

Monday 4th December, 2017

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs is delighted to announce that there will be an Early Years and a School Age Childcare Capital Programme in 2018.  The purpose of this announcement is to alert childcare services about the upcoming programme and give time to prepare to apply for the grants.  


This year’s programme call will consist of 5 Strands. 
–    Strand 1:  Expansion of an existing facility or creation of a new facility (Early Years)
–    Strand 2:  Essential building maintenance (Early Years, community services only)
–    Strand 3:  Creation of new natural outdoor play area (Early Years)
–    Strand 4: The expansion of an existing facility or creation of a new facility (School Age Childcare)
–    Strand 5:  Essential building maintenance & quality improvement (School Age Childcare, community services only)Services can apply for all strands for which they are eligible.

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Please note that in 2018, Early Years and School Age Childcare Capital schemes will run concurrently. 
It is hoped to open applications early in 2018 to allow for appraisal, decision-making and contracting to take place in advance of the summer.

DCYA reference numbers

Please note- 
To apply for funding under any of the strands, ALL applicants MUST HAVE a valid DCYA reference number.    
The DCYA reference number under which an application is made MUST relate to the facility (address) at which the grant monies are to be spent and reported.   

If you intend to move or open a facility at a different address you MUST obtain a new DCYA reference number before the opening of capital applications.  You must have a DCYA reference number for each facility i.e. premises for which you wish to make an application for funding.    

To obtain a DCYA reference number you must first contact your local City/County Childcare Committee who will provide you with the relevant support and advice. 

All Early Years services are required to register with Tusla and your City/County Childcare Committee will help you in this regard.  For new Early Years premises, DCYA can provide reference numbers in advance of a Tusla fit-for-purpose check for the purpose of applications to the Capital programme.  

All School Age Childcare Services are required to register with DCYA only.  Your local City/County Childcare Committee will advise and support you in this regard.

Further information on 2018 Capital programmes will be available in December and full application guidelines will follow early in 2018. 

Early Years Grants 2018