No longer open to new applicants.

This programme is now closed.

Overview of CCS Plus
The Community Childcare Subvention Plus (CCS Plus) Programme provides support for parents on a low income to avail of reduced childcare costs at participating privately owned childcare services and at community not-for-profit childcare services; a list of these services is available through the relevant local CCC. It also provides access to a universal payment available to eligible children. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs pays a portion of the childcare costs for eligible children (a payment described in this document as a subvention payment) with the parent paying the remainder. The eligibility of the parent is determined by their status with the Department of Social
Protection and is set out on the Table below. Interested parents should contact their local
participating childcare service in the first instance.
The CCS Plus programme covers the academic year starting in September and finishing in August.
This is referred to as the Programme Year. CCS Plus services may cater for infant, pre-school and afterschool places. They may also incorporate a breakfast club. Some CCS Plus services may be stand-alone services and cater for just one type of service e.g. afterschool.
The new universal subsidy (CCSU) has been introduced within the framework of the CCS under CCS Plus.
CCS Resettlement/Relocation/Transition are dealt with in individual chapters for clarity
although they are provided under the CCS Plus grant agreement.

Eligibility for CCS Plus
Age of eligible child
A child must be under 15 years of age to be eligible for CCS Plus, that is, the child must be born on or after 1 September 2002 to be eligible. CCS Plus subvention is available for up to 52 weeks of the programme year. The Band Rates and Subvention table can be found on Table 1 in this document.

Required documents
CCS Plus eligibility documents must be dated within one month prior to and/or including the week of the child start date on the Programme.

Appeal of Bands
Once a band has been approved there is no appeal process. However, if a service wishes to change level of attendance or amend bands they can end-date current child registration and re-register attaching valid CCS eligibility documents with new start date for changes to take effect.

Duplicate childcare programmes
A child cannot be attending another DCYA childcare programme and be eligible for CCS Plus.

Band eligibility
The eligibility of the applying parent is determined by their status with the Department of Social Protection (DSP). The amount of the subvention by the DCYA is determined by the parent’s DSP status and also by the level of childcare required. The eligibility criteria and subsequent childcare and subvention options are set out in Table 1 below.

CCS Table 2
CCS Rates