Setting up a Childminding Service


Are you ready to become a childminder?

A childminder is often a parent or spouse maintaining a household as well as operating a home-based business.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have adequate space in my home to provide opportunities for play, indoors and out, places for children to sleep, eat, change nappies, etc.?
  2. What advantages and disadvantages are there to where my home is located? Think of traffic, shops, schools, play opportunities?
  3. Are others in my family supportive of my plans and aware of the implications to everyone in the home, including noise, untidiness, wear and tear, a constant busy atmosphere, parents coming and going, etc.?
  4. Are others in my family prepared to share my time and their own family home with other children?
  5. Can I earn enough income as a childminder? Childminders can save money by working at home, but there are extra expenses (utilities, food, insurance, etc.) to be taken into account. Please see the results of the last national survey of childminding rates at National Childminders Survey (Childminding Ireland)
  6. Am I organised enough to run my own business? By becoming a childminder, you will be a self-employed person who has to manage all your business needs, such as marketing, banking, tax returns and keeping detailed records.
  7. Am I interested in learning new ideas and willing to attend various continuous professional development opportunities like workshops, training events, etc.?
  8. At the end of a busy childminding day will I have the time and energy to devote to my own family and our household needs as well as time to prepare for the next day?
  9. Am I aware of the importance of finding time for myself, in order to provide balance in caring for minded children and my own family, to avoid stress, fatigue and burn out?
  10. Am I free from criminal offence, investigation or court proceedings

If you answered majority of the questions ‘yes’, go to:

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