Policies & Procedures

As part of the CHILD CARE ACT 1991 (EARLY YEARS SERVICES) REGULATIONS 2016 a service is required to have certain policies in place, it states:

Policies, procedures etc. of pre-school service
10. A registered provider of a pre-school service shall ensure that the written
policies, procedures and statements specified in Schedule 5 are in place for the

Policies, procedures and statements
1. (a) statement of purpose and function;
(b) complaints policy;
(c) policy on administration of medication;
(d) policy on infection control;
(e) policy on managing behaviour;
(f) policy on safe sleep;
(g) fire safety policy;
(h) inclusion policy;
(i) outings policy where children attending the service are brought on
such outings;
(j) policy on accidents and incidents;
(k) policy on authorisation to collect children;
(l) policy on healthy eating;
(m) policy on outdoor play where such play is provided to children
attending the service;
(n) policy on overnight services where the service is an overnight preschool
(o) policy on staff absences;
(p) policy on the use of the internet and photographic and recording
(q) recruitment policy;
(r) risk management policy;
(s) settling-in policy;
(t) staff training policy;
(u) supervision policy.

Please click here for the CHILD CARE ACT 1991 (EARLY YEARS SERVICES) REGULATIONS 2016, to continue reading schedule 5.