Record Keeping for Childminders

It is strongly recommended that childminders develop Policy and Procedure Manual for their service.

Policies are the views/beliefs of your childminding setting. They are your guiding principles and presented in writing, put your views and guidelines into words.

Procedures, on the other hand, are the practical side of policies. They are the actions set in place to address and implement your policies. While policies explain the ‘why’, procedures explain the ‘how’.

By creating Policies and Procedures Manual for your service, you are making clear to parents/guardians how your childminding service works – what is acceptable and what is not, how you will respond to various scenarios and situations and what roles all those involved will perform.

Any back up or substitute person, volunteers or others involved in your childminding service should also be familiar with and follow your policies and procedures.

Please refer to the Childminding-Childminding-Moving On booklet to see samples of suggested Policies and Procedures.

It is also recommended that you develop a record system/file and keep the following records:

Attendance Record                   

Menu Plan

Medication Administration Form 

Childs Information Record

Accident Incident Form                   

Daily Routine

Fire Drill

First Aid

The document below will offer some tips on record keeping for childminders: 

Organisational and Record Keeping Tips for Childminders