Childminders Support Pack

The Childminder Support Pack contains samples of Childminding Policies and Procedures, Record Keeping Forms, and National Guidelines for Childminders (revised edition: August 2008). 

If you would like to receive a Childminder’s Support Pack, please contact Longford County Childcare Committee. Alternatively, you can download the pack by clicking on the link below:

Click on the images below to view the relevant publication:

Childminding getting started
Childminding moving on pic

Record Keeping for Childminders:

It is also recommended that you develop a record system/file and keep the following records, click on the links below to view: 

Attendance record

Menu Plan

Medication Administration Form

Childs Information Record

Accident/Incident Form

Daily Routine

Fire Drill

First Aid

The document below will offer some tips on record keeping for childminders:

Organisational and Record Keeping Tips for Childminders