All Childminders should ensure that the childminding service is adequately insured, evidenced by a current certificate of insurance. Childminders who are registered with Tusla are obliged to adhere to the requirements as outlined in the Quality and Regulatory Framework.
For Childminders working from their own home, Childminding Insurance is important for their own protection. Many home insurance policies cover childminding for up to 2 children, which may be extended to mind up to 6 children. For specific childminding insurance, there are policies, such as that
offered by Childminding Ireland, which are tailored packages for minding up to 6 children.

As insured members, Childminders have access to the full range of services:– including free advertising space on the The insurance is comprehensive and provides:
• Public Liability covering insurable accidents
• All risks cover on equipment relating to Childminding, with low €125 excess
• Outings, including swimming with increased ratio of 1 adult to 5 Children
• Loss of Income if your service closes due to certified illness
• Employer Liability, to include helpers or substitutes
• Legal advice and counselling helpline

Childminders caring for more than 6 children should contact their broker or home insurance company to ensure they have adequate insurance cover.

CAR INSURANCE & CHILD CAR SEATS.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    All Childminders should check with their car insurer to clarify if they are covered to carry minded children. As Childminders are paid to mind these children, the car insurance company may ask Childminders to get Class 2 insurance to cover the use of their car for business purposes.
Suitable child car seats are essential if Childminders are transporting children as part of their working day, all Childminders have a duty of care to ensure the safety of children.
See the Road Safety Authority(RSA) advice in relation to child car seats.