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Longford County Childcare Committee (LCCC) offer a wide range of childcare support. please get in touch today for further assistance or use our downloadable information.

There are a variety of Early Years Services(these services are explained below) available throughout Co. Longford such as:

Full and part daycare




Parent and Toddler Groups

 Full and part-time daycare means an early years services which offer a structured day care service for children. Part-time day care as the word suggests is part-time and the hours are more than 3 hours and less than 5 hours, while full-time is more than 5 hours, each service will specify at what time in the morning they open and at what time in the evening they close. Crèches/Nurseries/childcare settings/childcare facilities are early year’s services offering full and part-time daycare service for babies, toddlers, and young children, again each service will specify what age categories they cater to. The words crèche, nursery and childcare setting are often used interchangeably.

 Sessional service/preschool is an early year’s service which offers a planned programme of activities to young children for less than 3 and a half hours a day. It includes playgroups, playschools, pre-schools and naíonraí (Irish medium pre-schools). Some sessional services may also go by their curriculum name, whether it be Montessori or Steiner, which are also sessional services. Also note full day care services can offer sessions, and these may be in the morning or afternoon, if you contact a service they will inform you of their hours.

 Afterschool care is care provided as the name suggested after primary school hours. These may or may not collect the children from their school. The afterschool care may provide help with homework, indoor/outdoor activities, provide a hot meal/snack. Afterschool care can be provided in full day care services, childminders and stand-alone afterschool services.

 Childminder refers to a person who looks after children either in his/her own home or in the children’s own home. A notified childminder is a person who has informed the local Tusla office of his/her work. Children who look after more than 3 pre-school children with the exception of those who mind multiple birth children or siblings are required by law to notify Tusla. Other childminders can voluntarily notify themselves to their local City/County Childcare Committee.

Parent and Toddler Groups are as the name suggests, parents and their children who meet in a local setting, generally a local community centre, or parish hall, for anything up to a couple of hours once a week. This is a voluntary service, parents mind their own children. These groups offer parents/families the opportunity to meet other adults and for children to get to play with other children. The adults may be parents/guardians, childminders or even grandparents/extended family.

 Curriculum refers to all the experiences, formal and informal, planned and unplanned in the indoor and outdoor environment, which contribute to children’s learning and development.

 Early Years/Early Childhood refers to a period that extends from 0-6 years.

Government Schemes 

 ECCE Scheme is known as the free pre-school year, this is a universal programme. This scheme allows each child in the country to 2 free pre-school years before starting primary school, i.e. 3 hours a day, 5 days a week and 38 weeks a year. If you go to your local county childcare committee website, you will see a calculator on their website, here you can enter your child’s date of birth and see when their entry date is. Sessional services and full day care services can provide this scheme.

 TEC scheme is a government scheme to support parents on eligible training courses and eligible categories of parents returning to work, by providing subsidised childcare places. There are 3 schemes under TEC, CETS, ASCC and CEC. CETS provides subsidised childcare for parents on ETB and Solas courses, it is administered on behalf of Department of Education. ASCC is administered on behalf of The Department of Social Protection and provides afterschool care to children of parents on DSP employment programmes (not including community employment). CEC is administered also on behalf of the Department of Social Protection and provides childcare for children of parents who are participating on Community Employment schemes.

 CCS & CCSP schemes are for community and private services to provide quality childcare to parents at a reduced rate. It enables these services to reduce fees for parents in receipt of certain social welfare payments, family income supplement, and holders of medical cards and GP visit cards.

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