Childminding Insurance

Many home insurance policies cover childminding for up to two additional children and can be extended to mind up to 6 children. Please check with your home insurance provider and inform them that you are providing a childminding service out of your home. Withholding of that information may lead to claim refusal on the grounds of non-disclosure.

If you decide to go with a separate childminding insurance scheme, Childminding Ireland offers a tailored insurance package

that allows cover for up to 6 minded children. As of 1 March, 2013 Insured Registered Membership fee is €155 per year all inclusive.

Two simple steps to renew or apply:

  • Complete the combined Registered Member and Insurance Application Form
  • Return it to Childminding Ireland together with cheque or money order /draft payment, or phone 01 – 287 84 66 to make a credit or debit card payment.

The insurance is comprehensive and provides:

  • Public Liability covering insurable accidents
  • All Risks cover on equipment relating to Childminding, with low €125 excess
  • Outings, including swimming with increased ratio of 1 adult to 5 Children
  • Loss of Income if the Childminding service must close because of notified illness
  • Employer Liability, to include helpers or substitutes
  • Legal advice and counselling helpline.

For more information please contact Childminding Ireland at 01 287 8466 or e-mail to